Our purpose and mission expresses the value of why we exist as a congregation and what God desires us to become and do for the sake of God’s disciple-making mission of sending love for the world.
We exist to make Christ-like disciples
who know, love and serve God.
These practices or values are marks that define us as a people when we are at our best. And we seek intentionally to practice our faith in the way of Jesus with excellence in these non-negotiable values to the glory of God for today’s world.
HOSPITALITYGod desires us to share the hospitality and welcome of Christ by helping all of God’s children feel accepted and find a safe place to belong and grow in their faith.
WORSHIPGod desires us to be passionate and loyal in our worship of God and experience a life-changing relationship with God.
GROWINGGod desires us to grow in our faith in Christ where his life becomes increasingly evident in our lives; where we love God with our whole heart, head, hands, and health.
SERVINGGod desires us to grow in our faith in Christ where we put God’s love into action by serving the real needs of people and share our faith to make a difference in their lives for Christ.
SHARINGGod desires us to grow in the grace of generosity so that we can grow in our ministry as a church and alleviate suffering in the world.
We Believe In God
The Father who compassionately cares for his children; the Son, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for us; the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to live as witnesses in this world.
We Believe In The Bible
The Bible contains the words of life and we commit ourselves to the study of God’s Word.
We Believe In Prayer
We live, move, and have our being in God. Our life is to be a life of prayer.
We Believe In Vital Christian Worship Worship
that glorifies God, exalts Christ, and elevates the human spirit through relevant songs, words, and actions.
We Believe In The Church
God has uniquely gifted the church to be the instrument for transforming the world for Jesus Christ.
We Believe That People Matter To Jesus
We value all people and extend to them the love of Christ.
We Believe In Fully Devoted Discipleship
We are called to live as faithful messengers of God’s grace and hope in the world. As disciples, we offer our lives as witnesses to our faith. We are called, therefore, to serve others.
We Believe In Shared Ministry
All Christians are ministers. Each of us is uniquely gifted and we seek to discover and use our gifts with excellence as we serve God and others.
Baptism is one of the sacraments of the church, in which God acts to include us in his family. Baptism is an “outward sign of an inward grace” that signifies:
-Our initiation into the church of Jesus Christ
The inauguration of a life-long journey of salvation

-Our identity as Christians and children of God
For those who are baptized later in life, baptism also signifies the cleansing and forgiveness of sin and the experience of new birth by the Holy Spirit.

United Methodists practice baptism for all ages, including infants, because we believe that God’s grace extends to all, even before we are able to respond to God. At some point, every person has to affirm God’s grace in his or her life, and this may be before, during, or after the sacrament of baptism. When infants or children are baptized, the parents or guardians profess their faith on behalf of the child, later to be confirmed when the child can make a mature decision of faith.

Baptism is required for church membership, although United Methodists accept prior baptisms from any Christian church. If you are interested in learning more about baptism or church membership, please contact our pastor.
You may learn more about our articles of faith by going to the national website of the United Methodist Church www.umc.org.